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  • Thomas Cole

Dear Democrats...Remember JFK?

Remember the peace movement JFK started? Remember the nuclear test ban treaty JFK created? Where are these kinds of Democrats today? They are Republicans.

"Thomas Cole is more like JFK than Congressman Carbajal."

1) If you want to send $150 billion of your tax dollars to Ukraine, while our veterans die in the streets - Vote Salud. 2) If you want 70% of our students to continue failing to read or do math at grade level- Vote Salud.

3) If you want trans sexual men in your daughters' locker rooms -Vote Salud. 4) If you want $6 gas and zero good-energy-jobs - Vote Salud. 5) If you want millions more illegal workers in California - Vote Salud 6) If you want our California farmers ruined and moving out of State - Vote Salud. 7) If you want zero new dams but 100% new water regulations - Vote Salud 8) If you want another $100,000 per person of Federal debt on you and your children - Vote Salud 9) If you want fentenyl pouring in across our open borders, killing 300 Americans every day, and thousands of children being trafficked across our nation - Vote for Salud. 10) If you want the opposite of all these items, Vote Cole. I will protect you, your family, your children, your freedom, your economy and your nation.



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