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  • Thomas Cole


"When school officials call the police and say, you may not speak, that is what happens in China without consequence. And that is what our local SBUSD did, came out and ordered us to leave, or they call the police and then they called the police".

We're Calling the Police - How to get arrested in Santa Barbra? Give this to parents. This is what started our free speech lawsuit. These images are from a SBUSD 'library book' for 12 year olds. And the 'Oppression chart' is what Santa Barbara City College paid $1.6 million to so called Just Communities' to teach their college students. Is this really what tax payers and parents want? Strap on dildos for twelve year olds? And race hatred for college students?This is quite clearly what the local SBUSD administration wants for our young people.

And the next question is, can we stand on a sidewalk a supreme court verified verified 'public forum' and peaceably speak to parents. Peaceably hand out school materials that are in question or not.

Free Speech - When school officials call the police and say, you may not speak, that is what happens in China without consequence. And that is what our local SBUSD did, came out and ordered us to leave, or they call the police and then they called the police. And then made claims to the news media that we were breaking laws, violating parents rights to not see porn books in their kids schools.

Here in America, thanks to our founders who wrote our constitution, we can go to court and have a Federal judge decide if the first amendment is still in effect. If it is we shall continue to speak to parents. If somehow the first amendment is now an adjustable doctrine, and school officials shall decide who and what is allowable speech, well, I guess we can all move to china.

Federal District Court - The question for the court is not, Is this pornographic.. because that is a local matter, decided by local school boards. But rather, do we have the right to speak in a public forum, directly to parents, to show them the books, the hidden curricula? The School district says no you can't because we will send out our burley guys with radios to chase you around and call the police on you every time. And in fact Susan Salcido, county school supervisor, says no, you may not speak, and you shall not run for office against me.

Company town - Salcido sends $340,000 of county taxpayer school dollars to a fancy law firm in Sacramento, then has that firm sue in local SB courts to stop a local teacher and candidate (Christy Lozano) from running for school board office, against Salcido. So if this company town school district has it's way, we call not speak, we hall not run for office and we cannot change school boards to remove porno books from the school library. But we can continue to pay property taxes or else the government will come and take your property. This is definitely the company town telling us little people to shut the hell up or else.

And is sounding more and more like China. Is this what parents want? The government shutting down speech they disagree with? What about us parents who disagree with gender and race training in schools, or perverted anti family antiAmerica training at schools? Where is our government funded voice to say no? There isn’t one. I am that voice.

Our lawsuit is now in the wait for the school district and personal defendants to reply phase. They have till around September 10 to reply to us and the Federal court, why and how they are innocent. The school district is trying to throw the Hope School principal and supervisor under the bus, saying they acted on their own. We are showing the county has a 'pattern and practice' of preventing free speech at meetings, sidewalks, and elections. Which is what we need to keep the county on the hook.

And here are the defendants. These people and government entities are being charged with Civil Rights Criminal Violations... It's as they were Democrat officials in Montgomery, Alabama in 1964, standing in the doorway blocking students from attending a government school. They were violating civil rights then and they are violating civil rights now. We are asking for $10 million dollars just to be sure. Maybe they will offer something to make this pesky suit go away... Their own lawyers said to us in writing, "They had a complete right to call the police on us".. An we used that against them when the defendants tried to say, "No one really knows who called the police". So they are backtracking as they realized they violated Federal Law.

The First Amendment and SCOTUS caselaw all say.. the government cannot use police powers to chill speech on any public forum. And that is exactly what they did. We should win.

Hopefully we don't get an Obama judge, who feels the 1st amendment has been given too much leeway. I'm guardedly optimistic. Anything can happen in court, even Federal court. The school district has unlimited resources and may bring in Hillary's law firm Perkins Coe as they did in the Fair Education case in Santa Barbara ciopiurt court. Where the county flew in six high priced DC lawyers to keep the Just Communities - Oppression Chart at City College.



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