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  • Thomas Cole

Ice Melts Every Time

The climate change hoax is designed to limit Americans freedom to live, build homes, businesses and jobs, while allowing the upper NYC banking classes to profit from cheap and very dirty energy in Chinese factories"

Ice melts - A simple noun verb sentence. And a simple question. Why? The answer is: Ice melts because its temperature exceeds 32°F where it transitions from a semi-solid to a liquid. It gets warmer. But why do continent sized glaciers melt?

20,000 years ago there was ice covering much of the earth. The last Ice Age was beginning to end and we bands of hunter gatherer humans were entering the Holocene era. The name given to the last 11,700 years of the Earth's history. Earths average temperature was about 15°F cooler than today. Coastal California towns like Montecito's average temperature was in the summer. Seattle’s average temperatures was 40º and New York City was, well, that location was under a mile of ice. Yes, a mile, 6000 feet of ice right on New York City. Chicago and the great lakes regions were under miles of ice. Ice core records establish that during the last Ice Age ending 20,000 year ago, global temperatures were down 15-20° on average. And ocean levels were down 400 feet worldwide and, CO2 levels were down 30% to about 240 PPM. Hallelujah!

CHART 1 - Earth has natural variations in temperature. The previous Ice Age interglacial temperature was higher than our current interglacial period of warmth.

Enjoy it while we can because it’s likely ending soon.

20,000 years ago, from the central coast of California, one could walk south 20 miles into what is now ocean, out across sloping plains of oaks, grasses, madrone, boulders and streams filled with salmon, grizzly bears, sabertooth tigers and other prehistoric animals that existed just a few thousand years ago. If any people existed at that time in CA, they walk 20 miles clear out to the Channel Islands. And it had been this way for over 100,000 years, as the last Ice Age was just one of many over the last million years. And a million years is 0.0217% of our earths lifetime of 4.6 billion years.

CHART 2 - 22,000 years ago sea level is down 130 meters, about 400’. And then sea levels magically came up as the glaciers and miles of ice over NYC and Chicago and the rest of the Northern and southern polar areas melted. The oceans nearly leveled off 8,000 years ago. Lucky for us because that is when stable human civilizations began to form. Note: 400’ ocean rise in 22,000 years = a blistering 0.218 inches a year. We are now at 0.039 per year.

Recent earth had perhaps as many as fifty Ice Ages, each lasting hundreds of thousands of years. Scientist have no consensus on what causes Ice Ages or why they end. The theories range from subtle permutations in earths orbit cycles, dust in space, solar variations, arctic winds…

But one thing is for sure, ice ages end. And with that ending comes a rapid warm-up of the planet. Our recent warm-up started about 20,000 years ago and not one scientist and not one person on earth knows why the earth warmed up, causing the ice walls and mile high glaciers to melt, the oceans to rise and CO2 levels to increase.

A complete mystery. Certainly it wasn't cars and factories 20,000 years ago. Maybe cave people are to blame by having too many fires in their caves? Not really. Yet, today's so-called climate experts look only at records for the last hundred years, and claim we are all going to die because global temperatures have risen a degree. 100 years in computer modeling adjusted data to exclude the last hundred thousand years is a .0001 sample rate. Hardly scientific. More like an hysterical farce. If climate enthusiast look at the whole record of our last Ice Age, which they have done, the ice records are ubiquitous.

CHART 3- Look at this official scientific chart. See the red temperature line. Notice the yellow CO2 dots are behind the red line. In fact CO2 is shown on this official scientific chart, to follow or lag temperature by thousands of years.

Thus logic says CO2 is not causing heat, but the other way around. Heat on the planet causes more water and more plant growth and thus there is more CO2.

Those experts would have to report - That temperatures were very cold for 100,000 years, and that CO2 levels fell 30% during these Ice Ages and then, our earth warmed up all by itself for 20,000 years. And that sea levels rose 400’ and CO2 levels increased 30%… and leveled out about 5,000 years ago. And yes our burning of oil in the last 125 years has increased CO2 from 320PPM in 1960 to 420PPM today.

But there is no evidence that CO2 causes global warming. The amount of CO2 in earths atmosphere goes up and down with the earths natural Ice Age progressions. When it’s cold, and plants and algae are not growing, CO2 is low. When the earth has a fever, CO2 goes up. And in fact ice cores studies show CO2 follows temperature rises. This one fact alone vitiates the myth of man made global warming.

But that is not what we hear from our government scientists. They report on a .0001 time sample of 100 years out of 100,000 years, that temps are going up, ignoring the fact they have been going up for the last 22,000 years. This leaving out the truths from a real time scaled look at the earth, makes it easier to support the globalist/Davos/Bilderberg/IMF narrative. That we all must go back to living in huts, eating bugs, wearing animal skins and obeying our elite masters.

 Elite in California  In California for instance our democrat politicians like Governor Newsom and Congressman Salud Cabajal vote to stop energy production of oil and gas, and to stop gas powered cars and trucks in the name of global warming. While at the same time CA imports Saudi oil and imports electricity from other states, to power their madated electric cars. This is the end result of a government fostered climate hoax: Mandated, government controlled energy use, loss of manufacturing, loss of economic mobility as the poor have no means to function in a government mandated electric economy. And the elites of California, the rich, the government workers, the wealthy from China that buy our land and other foreigners buy up California properties for themselves, at fire sale prices. All this while regular people are loosing their jobs, their businesses and homes, trying to keep up in an economy that is being strangled by climate change ideologies and businesses have all gone to China or other countries, where energy use is completely unbridled. China is building 5 dirty coal plants , a week. Wouldn't be better for us to build clean LP plants or new, super safe nuclear plants? Yes it would be better for most Americans. But that is not the idea here. The climate change hoax is designed to limit Americans freedom to live, build homes, businesses and jobs, while allowing the upper NYC banking classes to profit from cheap and very dirty energy in Chinas factories. With no regulation and cheap money from our Fed, factories are going to areas with cheap energy, cheap, unregulated working conditions and lots of docile, cowed workers. Thus China is the largest polluter in the world right now, and isn't even included in teh so called Paris Environmental Accords. They are exempt. These global warming radicals running the Paris Accords actually exempt China as a "Developing Nation".

While they, the global elite, the Paris Accord directors fly around the globe on private jets to Davos, Builderberg and climate change meetings, deciding for us what data will be reviewed and accepted by what scientists. And deciding what nations will have cheap dirty energy, (China) and what nations will be penalized (USA)

It's a Hoax   Because there is no basis for blaming global warming on CO2 rise, because CO2 rise happens after heat rise. I say global warming is a political hoax, perpetrated upon average people, to eliminate their economic power, eliminate our choices and power in life, while the elites their favored nations enjoy lots of oil energy.

And so ice melts, sea levels rise, the world continues to spin and travel around our sun which continues to fly through the galaxy on our journey to somewhere.

This simple chart says it all in one glance. In one moment of cognizance, the entire global warming hysteria blows away in a puff of smoke. So it’s clear now, that ice melts because it gets warmer. Best Wishes Thomas Cole. July 2023 Tahoe CA

Very biased and slanted reporting here…



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