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  • Thomas Cole

Is Forced Technology Competition the Key to Government-Driven Innovation?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

I’m reading this article by some scientist guy on how there are 'faster ways to address the Climate Crises'. Right away my eyebrow is lifting at some new revelation. According to Robert Bernstein, with a physics degree from MIT, there are “bad subsidies and incentives that have gotten us into the Climate Crisis.”

Mr. Bernstein whom I will call Robert, goes on to recommend that, “Governments need to actively invest in the technology of the future to make that new technology competitive. It may involve direct funding of research and development as well as subsidies.”

So I’m strangling my iPad with angst, realizing MIT Robert just condemned government subsidies for creating climate change, then in the same paragraph demands more better government subsidies to somehow end the climate crisis.

But there’s more. MIT Robert recommends the government force business to its will stating, “Once that technology is competitive, government can force private industry to invest in future development. This has been done with forcing car makers to improve their fleet fuel economy and it can be done to force them to reduce fleet carbon emissions.

No surprise I am now pounding the keyboard in a letter to the editor.

It is a classic liberal belief that government can and will solve all problems great and small, if enough public money is spent, and enough force is applied. And no matter that the original man made Ice Age premise is flawed - Our cave fires did not cause or end the Ice Ages and neither did our cars.


First, we are in an interglacial period that is between glacial maximums. The earth has been warming for about 15,000 years as our last Ice Age ended. The oceans and the temperatures have been rising for 15,000 years now. And the earth has done this same thing for 30 or more times in the last four million years. But don’t let that science get in the way of a climate crises, that can be used to destroy America’s economy, our way of life, so the globalists in Davos can fly around on their jets telling us to eat bugs and how bad we are for having a gas heated home.

Yet MIT Robert now recommends the government forces industry to make electric cars, which entails moving plants to China, child mining of lithium in China, further destroying our American industry and jobs and economy. That’s all he’s asking. All this forced on us because MIT Robert has forgotten Ice Ages occurred before human industry and if they did occur, MIT believes cavemen caused these universal changes to our planet, with all their cave fires. Preposterous.

Then I realized - I must be a conservative!

CENSORSHIP - BDS Next, MIT Robert goes on touting the uselessness of voting and instead… “If you are in academia, what you research and teach is more important than whether you insulate your building. And ..“If you’re an advertising company, withholding your business from media that publish climate misinformation is more important than choosing the vegan option when you take your clients out for lunch.”

So let me translate. Teachers, as government employees should teach the party line, the accepted line that students are killing the polar bears, that we should go back to living in huts and eat bugs. Not the college professors and government employees and their masters in Davos of course, just everyone else in the world.

And then, a slyly couched call to censor, cancel and boycott views that are unacceptable. We should withhold our business from those that speak the forbidden words. (Climate Hoax) This is content discrimination via government powers, government schools and institutions. Will they attack X now that it’s not in the hands of the hard left? Well yes that is now happening. Will the government withhold contracts from business that are not saying the approved things. Yes that is also happening. Scientists, teachers and other academics who do not fall in line, are dismissed or never even hired.

This is what our first amendment is supposed to protect. The first amendment is intended to protect all speech, except yelling fire in a Bernie Sanders rally..

And yet here is MIT Robert, an academic calling for BDS (boycott, divest, sanction) of business and people who don’t toe the government line, on an imaginary crises.

Then I realized - I must be a conservative!

Modern Thoughts As if this were not enough, MIT Robert leaves us with this gem of modern thought.

"I suggested that if something is not sustainable, it means someone is not paying the true cost of their behavior. In the case of the Climate Crisis, this means we need a carbon tax. This will restore the equilibrium that was distorted by subsidies for driving and for other carbon emissions."

So there it is. MIT Robert is suggesting a tax on carbon as the solution, to restore equilibrium in the marketplace. So much for "free markets" More government control, more taxation, more interference in the free market, government control of the media, BDS and on and on.

FASCISM All these traits come from the basic premise of Fascism outlined below-

1) The media is directly or indirectly controlled by the government. Censorship is very common.

2) Human rights can be ignored because of fear of enemies and the need for security. As a result, people tend to: look the other way.

3) Mutually beneficial business/government relationships.

4) Friends and associates appoint each other to government positions. Officials use governmental power and authority to protect their friends from accountability.

5) Elections are often a complete sham Elections may be manipulated by smear campaigns. Manipulation of the media to control elections. Occasional assassination of opposition candidates

6) Fascist regimes make constant use of: Patriotic mottos, Slogans, Symbols

WHAT I BELIEVE I believe in individual freedoms. To speak freely, to publish without fear of boycott, to start and run a business, to provide for our families, without constant interminable government interference. Without being forced by government, without monopolistic media interferance and government lawfare and the like.

There is no doubt, historical records show we have Ice Ages every so often at 120,000 year intervals. And no humans created any of them. That is without exception, the truth.

But to say so invites retaliation from government, from media, from the government aligned private sector.

But I will speak. I must be a conservative!

Thomas Cole JD



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