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  • Thomas Cole

Is Israel's Defense Strategy Independent of US Approval?

Updated: Jan 26

...And with those requirements in mind, Thomas Cole in congress would say:  Israel can defend herself in any way the Israeli government deems fit. And they do not need US permission to do so... 

Israel has the right, as any nation does, to defend itself. It goes without saying. Yet Israel, inexplicably, has let her guard down. With seething masses of insane religious fanatics on its very border, this massacre was unfortunately, to be expected.

 2) And tragic as it is, Israel must now do whatever she can to protect, prevent and secure its borders, and eliminate the continuing threat.

3) And I must add the US should be doing the same thing with our borders. How is it that Israel has strict immigration laws, strict voting laws, massive border security that we in the USA all admire and expect from a nation under siege:  Yet here at home we are told there is no reason to have borders, no reason to build walls, and no reason to deport non citizen lawbreakers??  

 4) But back to Israel. Being that Israel is home to over seven million Jews, the smartest and most educated people on earth, we can expect they will find the best and most effective path for their homeland's protection. If it means sitting and waiting for the next attack with weak borders, so be it. Or if it means carpet bombing Gaza with American made nukes, that too is their right, go for it.

5)  And of course there will always be international and local consequences to the Israeli response. If Israel were to nuke Gaza, Iran would surely find a way to nuke Israel. That is the equation Israel is surly weighing. The long view is: This conflict in Gaza, and between Arabs and Jews has been going on for 6,000 years or more. Going on since Cain and Abel, and before our Christian Bible was written and even before the First Testament or Torah was conceived of and written. These people hold grudges for thousands of years. America is only a few hundred years old, yet we are the world's beacon for individual rights and freedoms, a notion extracted purely from of our Christian heritage, and placed in our unique Constitution. We do have a mantle to protect the Jews, as they have a mantle to accept Christian protections and not disrupt peace. It's a two way street.

6) Question: With this seriously long term middle east problem, should the US send in B52’s to carpet bomb Iran with nukes, or turn Gaza into a glowing, glass covered parking lot because of the barbaric slaughter of Jews in Israel?

Answer: Only if congress decides to declare war on the Middle East, and all Arabs, including our allies in Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations. Such a war seems rather foolish, however much we wish to help avenge Israel. These are what I consider congressional thoughts, prudent thoughts. Do not destroy the world over a barbaric, border war.

7) In my humble opinion supported by our US Constitution, Article 1, Section9, Clause 2  The Appropriations Clause

In Congress, the most important, number one job is, controlling where money is spent.  Further in  my opinion, that job in congress requires an accountant's wary eye, the quick and unassailable wisdom of Soloman with the careful pragmatism and brutal logic of Abraham Lincoln. Of course these attributes are in very short supply in congress, and are certainly non-existent in the White House where they are most needed. Yet that is my position on looking at any issue.

8) And with those requirements in mind, Thomas Cole in congress would say:  Israel can defend herself in any way the Israeli government deems fit. And they do not need US permission to do so. 

Thomas Cole JD.  December 8, 2023


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