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  • Thomas Cole

The Church / State Conundrum - Religion and Abortion

The idea that religion shall co-opt government to enforce religious doctrine must be in error. much as we may wish for fewer abortions, it is an individual decision.

IS IT MURDER -This Italian PM candidate says it all when he calls abortion murder, especially in the later terms. The big question: Can we consider that government should stay out of the abortion issue, and is abortion a purely medical issue? Should we let medical science determine when the right time is for abortion? So many questions. But letting science decide would seem logical in light of the recent Covid protocols being couched in scientific proofs. We could have scientists and medical Doctors deciding who and when abortions happen. Except for the part where pregnant womens and others opinions are ignored by the medical community. So much for science, because that will never work, even though it is "following the science."

A MORAL ISSUE - And so maybe abortion is a moral issue, that religion will decide what the rules are. And once those rules are settled, religious communities shall intrude into private persons lives, to save a growing person's life. With various religions deciding if and when any abortions are ever allowed. From a strict ban, to allowances for rape or death of the mother reasons. To the current democrat metric which apparently includes abortion after full term birth. As Governor Northam said, "We will make the baby comfortable and then let the mother decide what to do with it."

And how will religion intrude: Modernly Churches cannot force people to do or not do anything. Religion is a voluntary belief and so, shall religion then delegate to government to enforce religious views? Asking government to direct its police powers to stop abortions? This is religion now using government to force religious views on non adherents.

STATE MANDATED RELIGION Is that even right to use government to enforce religion? Considering the whole point of America’s constitution was the free exercise of religion and certainly not government enforcement of religion. Keeping in mind that in 1785 we had just lived through King George's state mandated religion, and the first amendment Establishment clause meant to ensure that would not be repeated.

The idea that religion would co-opt government to enforce religious doctrine must be in error. The same principle applies when government cannot force a religious belief upon anyone. Our first amendment says that government shall not establish a state religion... and that government shall be neutral to all religions; neither suppressing nor establishing any particular group as a favored religion. And the whole underlying point of this establishment clause of the first amendment is that government shall protect all religions. Even George Washington weighed in on this when he wished the Hebrews and their religion an equal and fair footing in America.

THE CONUNDRUM - This is the conundrum we face. We cannot stop abortions. 68% of voting Californians agreed to make "abortion rights" part of the CA constitution. And SCOTUS has sent the issue back to the states for just this kind of "local decision."

So people aren't forced to have an abortion if they don't want to, that’s what happens in China. We have freedom of choice here thanks to our founders. And as much as we may wish for fewer abortions, it is an individual decision. Certainly late term abortions are less popular even with those on the left. And we can appeal to them in asking, can we please kill fewer babies? Can we place some reasonable limits on this procedure? Could we find a coalition to say that for the life of mother or child, or rape and within 20 weeks we acan ask for some reasonable limits? Just in case it is murder.

FAITH AND PATIENCE - There is our conundrum: Finding middle ground on what we consider a religious commandment. We must realize, it is our religion, not theirs. Our religion asks us to withstand the folly of others. We cannot stop murders, wars, violence, death... but we can ask and vote to try and limit these things. To stop wars, to work for peace, to console those in need and help those that are lost. Our best position may be one of patience and faith. Where we have the patience to vote and change people's minds and hearts, and faith that we are doing the right thing.



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