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Thomas Cole
for Congress:

        Why Cole is Running for Congress


  • 1) Restrict the U.S.-Mexico border to legal immigration only which will end the flow of fentanyl, the sex trafficking and flooding our communities with millions of homeless people. We need to take care of our USA veterans and citizens first.

  • 2) Stop sending $200 billion to fund proxy wars in Eastern Europe, which have killed 800,000 Christian civilians, forcing citizens to fight an undeclared proxy war.  A whole generation of Eastern Europeans have been obliterated. That war has cost our district over $450 million in accumulated federal debt.  It would have been much more wise to spend that on housing for veterans, housing and jobs for young working people and all citizens in our district.

  • 3) Support school choice  End the stranglehold  teacher’s unions have over our public schools, abolish DEI and all racially biased programs from our schools. 

  • 4) Support  women and girls and their rights.  (TitleIX)  They should not be forced to compete against biological men. And those men have no right to be in the girls locker rooms or on their sports teams. 

  • 5) Support parents rights to keep transgenderism, child genital mutilation, schoolhouse porn and drag shows out of the schools and away from their children.

  • 6) Support clean oil and natural gas production policies that keeps America energy independent.  Energy independence will bring gas prices down as we just saw. And stop funding green energy schemes that require bullions of federal subsidies, and enrich Communist China.

  • 7) Protect free speech for ALL citizens,  repeal FISA, stop government spying on American citizens and reform America's intelligence agencies.

  • 8) Support freedom of choice on COVID vaccines and mask mandates. Oppose any new lockdowns of businesses or schools.

  • 9) Support the Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution which will end the Federal Reserve’s endless money printing.  Printing has caused double-digit inflation. Inflation has increased the cost of everything from gasoline to groceries. Making it impossible for millions of people to make ends meet.

  • 10) And of course Cole is a pro business, pro farmer, pro rancher, pro family Republican endorsed in three counties. San Luis Obispo, Ventura and Santa Barbara county GOP's and by the California  GOP.  


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