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In the last three years, Salud Carbajal voted for open borders and let 10 million illegals into our nation. That's 3% of our population. That's 24,000 new illegal aliens for our 24th congressional district. (800,000 x .03)

Did Salud get them jobs?               NO

Did Salud build them housing?      NO

We are expected to do all that.

Instead we are to bear the expense of these 24,000 new unemployed, uneducated, completely broke, criminal aliens. Expense for police, for hospitals, for housing, for schools and jobs and babysitting for their children.

Thanks for nothing Salud. 

We should tell Salud NO, America is not your dumping ground.

And NO, the 24th is not a giant welfare hotel for the world's poor people. 


We discuss the failure of current Congressman Carbajal, to protect our children, by giving into the radical extremist left.

And how challenger Thomas Cole is much different.

You and your children come first.

No radical leftist idolatry here.

00:00-2:48. Introductions

2:49-5:00 National Security Act of 2024. Cole's voting Metrics

5:01-7:00 Funding Wars- Proxy Wars Not Good Business for USA

7:02-9:00 Ukraine Proxy War- Putin to invade Poland? Russia invaded 8X in last 500 years

9:01-11:09 NATO/CIA/State Dept fomenting war in Ukraine? Yes.

11:10-13:50 Treaties or Proxy war- in Ukraine... 11:51-17:15 Open Border Funding- for more lawyers, cops, judges, deportations.. Cole not buying it.

17:16-20:24 Immigration judges/Asylum/Sleight of hand/Effects of 10 million new unvetted 20:25-22:30 Salud Carrbajal or Thomas Cole- Oil/Immigration/housing/debt

22:31-25-51 Gov shut down- Inflation/Printing money/cuts/tax cuts/married couple breaks

Can the US Survive the Border Invasion?

Conservative activist' Thomas Cole is interviewed by Santa Barbara's favorite journalist Josh Molina on Santa Barbara Talks...We talk about guns, environment, jobs, oil and is there too much government? And lots more...

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