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Thomas Cole Will Vote
and Fight to Protect Your Kids!
Salud Carbajal says no problem with
trans-men in your daughters locker room!


But things are getting really bad these last few decades. Our freedoms are being eroded by an ever expanding government. One that deems itself the most essential business in America. And that government has been overtaken by foreign and domestic enemies of the people. Our politicians are bought off, by big pharma, big military, big teachers unions, big bankers and by foreign nations like China and Ukraine. The list goes on and on. With billions and billions of dollars flooding into DC and politicians pockets, our voices at home are ignored. DC and Virginia are now the richest counties in the nation! What happened to the people's rights? 

That's where I draw the line. We have rights guaranteed to us by our US Constitution. And our government has stepped away from protecting those rights, to stepping all over our rights, and making us pay for it. In Congress I will stand up for your rights every damn day. Not one vote for anything that hurts average Americans.

(And BTW, I would have voted to make Adam Schiff pay back the $36million he wasted on the phony Russia-Gate investigation.)


As a long time builder and developer I had time and knowledge to create a patented device that captures storm runoff water and channels it back into the aquifer, helping well water and saving coastlines from saltwater intrusion.            I spent nearly a decade working with fire departments and governments designing and researching ways to capture our local streams and to stop fires from invading our WUI, (wild urban interface) areas... 

 Check my design website at

Patented Water Diversion Cube...

Thomas Cole for Congress - To represent the 51% who...

With special forces friend Richard Speer on YAF Panama trip 2018

With Bay Bucannan and friends YAF Tour 

With Ed and Ursula Meese - Reagan's   AG
  1. Who don’t want porn in schools.

  2. Who don’t want a congress man who votes with Joe Biden 99% of the time.

  3. Who don’t want our nation flooded with low education high crime immigrants.

  4. Who don’t want our borders wide open with fentanyl pouring through.

  5. Who don’t want endless wars overseas while our nation fills with homeless veterans.      (Keep our wars local)

  6. Who don’t want our elections controlled by foreigners pouring money into campaigns.     END SOROS

  7. Who do want a decent economy with affordable housing, affordable energy and stable money.

  8. Who do want a stable dollar and a frugal, responsible government.   END THE FED - PLACE MONETARY CONTROL BACK IN CONGRESS

  9. Who want less government and more individual freedom to choose.

  10. Who want honest elections with easily verifiable results.

  11. Who want one day elections with living -breathing citizens only voting on paper ballots.                                                       END DOMINION - A GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR WITH NO RIGHTS TO SUE ANYONE

  12. Who want medical freedom for all - END CDC   

  13. Who want congress to create and control our US currency, not foreign bankers.    

  14. Who want to END THE FED

  15. Who want choice for parents. Means federal school vouchers for Parents to choose where to educate.

  16. Who demand choice for women - Abortion is a right that 67% of Californians have agreed is required. And I will not stand in the way. It's not a federal issue anyway. 

  17. Who want their elected federal official to propose equal funding of Pregnancy Resource Centers - That is choice.

  18. Who are tired of DC making decisions for local schools. END THE FEDERAL EDUCATION DEPT (It's not in the constitution) OR FEDERALLY FUND VOUCHERS

  19. Who believe free markets know better than government bureaucrats.     WIND DOWN USELESS GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS

  20. Who believe our Constitution means what it says.

  21. Who believe the 1st Amd. means Freedom of Speech - Freedom of Religion  

  22. Who believe free speech means no censorship in the public square.

  23. Who believe the 1st Amendment means freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

  24. Who believe the government has no rights to censorship.   REIGN IN THE CIA

  25. Who want no spying by the government, on campaigns, on citizens, on groups or associations without verifiable good cause and due process.   REIGN IN THE FBI

  26. Who believe Shall Not Infringe means Shall Not Infringe. 

  27. Who believe the First Amendment is protected by the 2nd Amendment.  REIGN IN THE DOJ, ATF, DHS

  28. Who believe our Bill of Rights guarantees US citizens protections from the government. 

  29. Who believe the right to bear arms shall not be infringed - without good reason and due process. HELLER - BRUEN - SCOTUS

  30. Who believe a 10% flat tax on sales is a fair tax. More fair than an adjustable marxist based progressive tax on workers income. Except keep SS taxes in place.

  31. Who believe social security shall be protected and maintained for the people - By having all income levels paying into SS with without income caps.

  32. Who believe private property rights, are sacred rights. Protected by our Bill of Rights The 2nd, 4th, 5th 

  33. Who believe in limited government and not endless taxes, endless bureaucrats, endless admins, endless snooping, spying, taxing, ordering, prodding, disclosing, invasions of our privacy. 

  34. And much more…





Thomas Cole

The differences are night and day between Thomas Cole and Congressman Carbajal. I stand for the people and their constitutional rights and freedoms. The congressman is all about the governments rights; What the government will allow you to do and what you will be required to do. This is no way to live. We are Americans with a proud history unlike any other nation. We told the kings of Europe to back off, then saved western Europe twice from it's own folly. Now it's time for us to reclaim our rights as a world leader in freedom. Stop the useless wars for colonialism, reclaim our power over our own money, our own families and destiny as free Americans. Join me in these beliefs. 

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At YAF 2018 Panama cruse dinner with Ed and Ursula Meese

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