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Cole vs Salud. You Decide 2.2.24

  1. Why is Thomas Cole running for Congress?

Our nation, state and our district have reach a tipping point. We cannot sustain the bad policies that are destroying California. This was once a prosperous state where a family could start a business, buy a house and have a life that was full and reasonably rich. Now those days are gone. I place the blame mostly on radical liberal policies. Like open borders, like destroying our school systems and like destroying our energy businesses that created great incomes for blue collar families, provided cheap and clean American energy and paid lots of taxes to support our communities.  Salud claims he’s been working to solve these problems but the fact is, he is behind all these problems.

GOVERNMENT UNIONS- Also problems like allowing and encouraging government unions to control the government and the basic over growth of governments, all in exchange for liberal voting government workers and exclusion of any other viewpoints in government. As a thought experiment: suppose government unions demand the right to strike, which they do without consequence because federal laws allows and encourages them to strike for higher wages, benefits, pensions… (And note that the gov deems itself and it’s workers as essential.) They always get what they want and never lose.

Well then, how about us taxpayers decide to have a tax strike? Will we taxpayers be supported by federal law? Will our rights to with-hold tax dollars from the government be upheld by the courts, legislatures and executive branches? Answer - No. Because any hold up on tax collection would cause disruption to government. 

So what gives government unions the right to with-hold government services? Corrupt federal laws, that is what. Another question is: Are there more voters than government workers? Because in our district the biggest employer is the government.

 WARS- On top of that, America likes to be involved with endless wars that are not helping our economy nor world peace while killing millions of young men around the world. No wonder America has to bribe the entire world. Why not stop the wars, stop the bombing? Why not bring back the Peace Corps? Where young people could travel, do good works and learn about new countries.  

In the 1960’s the cost of government in our CA CD24 district was $64 per person/year, now it is $3,680 per person/year, and that is not just inflation, that is excessive government. Something has to be done.

As Andy Caldwell just pointed out. While the population increased 3X, the cost of government went up 50X! That is what I’m talking about. There is plenty of room for savings, less taxes, less government and less war.

2. My goal is to bring issues that people care about to the election. 


PEACE - I care about peace and believe any chance where we can work for peace is a worthy and beneficial cause. My belief is to support peace through strength & diplomacy.  I will not fund proxy wars anywhere. War is not peace. The current proxy war in Ukraine is a war that never should have been funded or instigated.

 As NATO crept into Ukraine in violation of local treaties and agreements, that posed a clear and immediate threat to Russia. The US and NATO completely knew this and yet our State department, NATO, the CIA and arms dealers have worked feverishly behind the scenes, inserting hostile governments in Ukraine, inserting arms and even bio weapons labs onto Russia’s borders in Ukraine. 

Just look at the video in congress where Marco Rubio is questioning State’s Victoria Neuland.. as she blurts out. 

”We need to get those bioweapons labs out of Ukraine before Putin gets ahold of them.”  

This is the very military industrial complex that Eisenhower and JFK tried to warn us about. So Cole will reject sending $200 billion to a stiletto dancing, mansion buying, Ukraine dictator who jails critics, cancels elections, closes churches & sends kickbacks to Congress. And any bargain that kills off 500,000 young Christian men to ‘support our war industry’ is a despicable tradeoff. Where are my Christians on this war against other Christians led by non Christians? Come on man.

DEBT - And of course we have no money to waste, we are broke. The US is very broke because of deficit spending and fake fiat money printing by the FED of over $37 Trillion and counting.  We are paper tiger waiting for our banks to collapse as soon as other nations stop buying our bonds. Our congress people like Salud Carbajal, vote for war and borrow money from China to support a proxy war in Ukraine and put the debt on our young people. 

In fact my opponent voted to fund $200 billion in Ukraine war debt, which boils down to $1,287 of new debt placed on every voter in our district. This on top of the $300,000 we each allegedly owe to the FED reserve right now for past deficit spending.  

YOUNG PEOPLE - Our young people want to know why -

 If coffee is $5, a bag of groceries is $200, rent is $2,300 a month and a simple house is $1.2 million… Then why is Salud sending $450,000,000 of our district money to kill half a million young Christian men in Ukraine… instead of helping our district with housing? Salud is putting that war debt of $1278 per district/voter on our young people, who have no jobs.  It doesn’t make sense. 

Yet Salud crows over bringing home $5 for each voter for ‘new housing’. That’s what his Federally funded apartment building in Guadalupe for illegals comes out to per voter.  

The equation is here:  Salud: 

0.5%   For housing $2.5M

99.5% For Ukraine war. $460M

SCHOOLS - Schools are mostly a state and local operation as our constitution provides. But I stand with parents in saying no to trans men in your daughter's locker room. You trans guys can go shower with the men or stay out of sports. That is choice.

“Forcing our daughters to shower with men is not choice.” 

Cole will stand up to protect Federal Title IX from being stripped out, or slyly altered to require schools to insert trans men into womens and girls sports and locker rooms. Ending Title IX protections is the goal of the Biden Administration and Salud is right there with them.

Cole takes a solid pro parent, pro common sense stance, that children in government schools need our protection, not social indoctrination. And that trans people under 18 need love, need counseling but do not need drugs and surgeries. Cole will propose a Federal ban on trans drugs and trans surgeries for children, and require they get certified mental counseling, not castration and breast surgeries. And propose studies as to why the sudden increase in this new group of young people. Now who doesn’t agree with all that? 

  Cole states that schools with a 70% failure rate are not doing their jobs. 

If election voting failed by 70% there would be Federal police at all polling stations. Maybe they should be. 

 “I support Federal vouchers for all parents at any school, and the cutting of any federal funds for any school that violates parent or students rights, politically indoctrinate, push socialism studies, push anti-white training, push anti-religion training, CRT, DEI or anything else but classical education and technical training. Teaching division and hate is not teaching.”

Schools and colleges are places of learning, not intended to be mandatory-attendance, liberal-indoctrination centers. And I note here that my opponent is fully on board with the mandatory, woke, gender training, CRT, anti America training in our schools today. 

“Our taxpayer funded schools have utterly failed in their promised mission to give a classical education to our students and Salud is totally onboard with that failure.” 

BORDERS - Protecting our borders is the federal government's number one, most important job and they are utterly failing at it. It seems on purpose.

Salud is 100% with Joe Biden to keep the borders open, keep the fentanyl coming in and sex trafficking going on for profits. All to destroy our economy and it’s killing 60,000 young people per year and enslaving tens of thousands of young people into sex slavery. Why does Salud claim we must have open borders? Could it be his handlers told him to say this so they can import more democrat underclass voters? 

All this is to destroy our economy, destroy our infrastructure, overload our social safety net and schools, hospitals, courts, police… It’s called the CLOWARD-PIVEN method DEVELOPED BY TWO COMMUNISTS FROM THE 1960’s..

COLE SAYS- Secure borders by any means - Do not import the other 25% of Mexico into America with Federal plane tickets, cell phones, free medical and living expense vouchers - Instead bring back the bracero program. 

Salud is 100% fine with Joe Biden’s open border policy…  Why? Let's ask him.

FARMS -  Our district like much of California is filled with farms, and farms need water and that means dams, diversion channels, reintroduction of storm waters… I am on board with all these options and will propose bills to make it easier for all farmers and landowners large and small to achieve water security with varied methods . See:

3. A bit about Thomas Cole:

What about your life experience makes Cole best suited for the position.

(Not a socialist?) 

Cole started off a career in the building trades as a high rise framer in the late 70’s and very early 1980’s. I probably framed half of Camarillo, high-rise, hotels, Costcos, air ports…That was some high and dangerous work five floors up framing roofs, drilling steel bolts through 12” X 24” ridge beams and giant glue-lams, up in the winds of Camarillo. 

Later on I managed to work on my own places and was able to rehab and turn over properties and eventually retired in Montecito where all good developers go. 

As a developer everyday is an executive decision and congress needs executive decisions, good ones.

I attended Santa Barbara City college in the later 80’s and eventually went to night school for a law degree from our local night school- Southern Institute of Law in 2000. Our Law college dean was Stanislaus Pulle PHD, Kings College UK. 


 I spent a decade working on patents and designs for stormwater capture, finding ways to create self sufficient regenerative-farms and also created some automated designs to protect our communities from wildfires. Much of this work can be seen at:

List of Other Accomplishments

  • Founder of Analytics 805, an election data research company in Montecito.Pro Stormwater Capture/Regenerative Farming see

  • Retired developer and builder.

  • Civil Rights Activist - First Amendment/Due Process 

  • Patented Designer - Stormwater capture patents and wildfire suppression designs.

  • Political Writer/Analyst See

  • SAR Member -Sons of American Revolution.

  • YAF Presidential Circle Supporter 

  • Law degree, Southern California Institute of Law SB

  • A Parents First Republican.

  • Pro-Second Amd. Heller SCOTUS Court Republican.

  • Pro Farmer Pro water Pro dams

  • Pro-Medical Freedom candidate 

  • Pro-American Energy candidate

  • Pro-Defence of Marriage candidate.

  • Pro-Ballot Integrity candidate.

  • Pro-Peace - Overseas Wars are Not our Wars.

  • Pro Federal Funding of Adoption Programs 



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